The MÉTA Project
Visual Storytelling

Teatr Brama


Documentary series about Teatr Brama which was born in Poland by Daniel Jacewicz.

Created by Anna Bardaka

Episode 1

Interview with Daniel Jacewicz
Translation by Jenny Crissey
Music by Jacek Galkiewicz and John Bardakas
Special thanks to Adam Rosinski, Piotr Sniegula and Nina Khyzhna


Episode 2

Interview with Jenny Crissey
Translation by Szymon Gębka
Music by John Bardakas & Snow Sound and Emotion in sound (Teatr Brama project album)


Episode 3

Interview with Patryk Bednarski, Ola Stanio, Zofia Michalewicz, Agata Kolodziejska and Bruno Siedlecki
Translation by Patryk Bednarski, Adam Rsinski and Filip Zgorzelski
Music: Theodoros Chatzigiannakis – Maybe, Visonia – The old man and the girl in his arms, Rec17 & Beat16 – BraillePentagram
Special thanks to: Daniel Jacewicz, Nina Khyzna, Anastasja Medviedieva, Oleh Nesterov, Adam Rosinski and the University of the third age of Goleniow


Episode 4

Thoughts regarding art education. How people feel about art and creativity? Do schools provide such a knowledge? In this episode people are sharing their thoughts and feelings about their experience with the topics mentioned above. They try to give a solution and be heard.

«I think that in schools teachers should be replaced, length of classes also should be changed, teachers
should be less strict, topics should be much easier. In my opinion they also need to change the atmosphere, because in our school it’s very tense, you can’t relax, and I’d want for school to be easier.»

Interview with: Oleh Nesterov, Piotr Sniegula, Asia Sawczuk and Justyna Mazur
Music by Braille Pentagram
Translation by Adam Rosinski and Piotr Sniegula
Special thanks to Oleh Nesterof, Nina Khyzna, Jennifer Crissey and Daniel Jacevicz


Episode 5

EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer program funded by the European Commission. How is it to be an EVS volunteer in Brama theater? In this episode the 4 volunteers at the theater Brama will share their experiences and thoughts regarding to the program.

«We were learning to communicate with each other. Perhaps it was the biggest work»

Also, to explore how the program reflects to the citizens of Goleniow, Adam will explain his point of view as a local.
«..and I hope that someday I will be such person. Who will go to some small town in Greece, or Germany, or France, or maybe even Spain, and I will be a man who directs workshops with young people Who will be able to teach them something, and who will also learn something this way. And so, this is thanks to my experience with the volunteers. Who come here to such town as Goleniow.»

Interview with Adam Rosinski, Nina Khyzna, Anastasja Medviedieva, Felix Meusel and Anna Bardaka
Translation by Piotr Sniegula, Marta Pietunow, Magdalena Piwowarska, Nina Khyzhna and Adam Rosinski
Music by Oleg Khodus – {Milway , Savann} This place is mine – Eat you
Filming by Anna Bardaka and Piotr Sniegula
Directing & Edit by Anna Bardaka


Episode 6

This is the last episode of Theater Brama mini documentary series. For the greatest part, the film was shot during a Ukrainian – Polish project in the village of Strzelewo. Which is a summer residence of the theater and where rehearsals, performances and art projects take place. The series started with the director and founder of the organization explaining the history and philosophy of Brama. Now, he will also close this circle, by sharing his thoughts about past, present and future.

» I am definitely the creator of the world that I want to live in..»

Interview with Daniel Jacewicz
Music by Oleg Khodus
Translation by Daniel Jacewicz

Created by Anna Bardaka
Produced by Anna Bardaka & The MÉTA Project

© The MÉTA Project | 2015