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Siyanda Massage


Siyanda is a massage that uses some key factors from various ancient methods and philosophies. So, it is a fusion treatment that enables the client to release on a structural, emotional and mental level.
Being both, a deep and a relaxing massage at the same time.
Creating Siyanda is develop a therapeutic method that is a form of synergy for the recipient and the therapist at the same time.


Commercial video

Workshop video

Siyanda Massage – Commercial & Workshop Reel

Siyanda Massage Instructor: Sandie Staikou
Cameras: Elpida Kontogianni, Maria Ntrougia and Georgina Staikou
Special thanks to Anna Bardaka, Sotiria Boulekou, Ruth Katerzis, Dimitris Monogyios and Thanos Papadogiannis
Directed, Edited and Produced by The MÉTA Project

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