The MÉTA Project
Visual Storytelling

Antonis Vlachos


Billie Jean acoustic cover by Antonis Vlachos from Live Sessions @ Def Factory Studios

Videography by Cuepoint & The MÉTA Project
Video Editing by Aris Georgiou
Mix & Master by Pilha Spyros
Recorded Mixed and Mastered @ Def Factory by Spyros Pafilis
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Cuepoint in collaboration with The MÉTA Project

Special thanks to Heroes / Alexandros Papadakis, Elpida Kontogianni, Georgina Staikou, Maria Ntrougia, Dimitris Georgiou, Chris PL, Elena Kekkou

Photographs on screen shot & edited by Elpida Kontogianni, Maria Ntrougia and Georgina Staikou


© The MÉTA Project & Cuepoint & Antonis Vlachos 2016